April 12, 2010
Issue No. 83

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2010: The New Engineering Library Odyssey

By the time Fall Quarter 2010 arrives, the Engineering Library will have moved to its new home in the Jen-Hsun Huang School of Engineering Center on the second floor of the octagon... Read more

AFS User and Department Quota Moves to 2 Gigabytes

With the advent of WebAFS in 2009, user demand for AFS space has increased. IT Services found that we could accommodate that need, so AFS quota for all user and department accounts has increased from 1 gigabyte to 2 gigabytes... Read more

New Features in Stanford Email and Calendar

On Friday, April 30, Stanford Email and Calendar upgrades to a new version. While Stanford Email and Calendar on the web looks much the same, some new features are available... Read more

Contact a Librarian through Our EBSCO Databases

If you've got a question when using Academic Search Premier (or any of the dozens of databases available through EBSCO) can get reference help in real time via Ask A Librarian...Read more

Securing Stanford Email

When you park your car, do you lock your doors? Most of us do, because this little precaution means that our car is less likely to get stolen than the nearby car with the doors unlocked. Similarly, Stanford is making a few changes to email to ensure that it is safer and less likely to be hacked in the future... Read more

Video Collection Explores the Rise of Feminist Art in the U.S.

Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR) presents a new digital collection: !Women Art Revolution. Created by artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson over the last two decades, this archive provides the first-person histories of the pioneering women who challenged and changed the ways in which women were considered and treated by the reigning art establishment... Read more

Digital Media Academy Improves Productivity of Stanford Staff

Every summer for the past 8 years - right here on the Stanford campus - the Digital Media Academy has offered hands-on, five-day courses in topics like web design, video editing, visual graphics, digital storytelling and 3d modeling... Read more

CourseWork Goes Mobile in June

Academic Computing Services is happy to announce the inclusion of a mobile portal as part of the upcoming upgrade of the CourseWork system (Stanford's course management system)... Read more

The New Monthly Blog of the Academic Technology Specialist Program

Hive Talkin' has become the new Web site for the Academic Technology Specialist (ATS) program. Each member of the ATS program will blog on a regular basis about themes related to academic technology and the work being done by the ATSs in the program... Read more

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