January 12, 2005
Issue No. 67

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Faster Web Service at Stanford

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by Gary Payne

Maybe you noticed it, maybe you didn't. Late last year, just before Thanksgiving, the Stanford web service suddenly got faster. When you clicked on a link or typed a URL in the browser bar, the page you requested popped up more quickly than before.

This was not an Internet miracle. Nor did it happen by chance. On November 18, 2004, ITSS upgraded the web servers. By replacing the old Solaris-based servers with newer, faster, Linux-based servers, Stanford got a more responsive main campus web service.

The changeover was transparent for most people. Things got quicker, everyone was delighted, but nothing obvious changed. The most noticeable difference for some people was the departure of the old Excite search service. Fortunately, newer alternatives, such as the popular Stanford Google search service, made this a minor issue.

If you have any questions about the web server upgrade please send them via HelpSU at: