January 12, 2005
Issue No. 67

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Speaking of Computers Goes Paperless

Speaking of Computers is now an online only publication. Beginning with this issue (Winter 2005), the newsletter will be published via the web only. With this new web version, you can browse the table of contents and read the articles of your choice... Read more

Stanford and Google to Make Library Books Available Online

Stanford recently announced an ambitious plan to cooperate with Google Inc. in digitizing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of books from the shelves of Stanford libraries and making them available to readers worldwide and without charge. ... Read more

CourseWork Highlights for Winter 2005

CourseWork, Stanford's course management system, has gained tremendous popularity since it was released in January 2001. In the first two weeks of Fall Quarter 2004, the number of courses using CourseWork increased by 22 percent compared to the ... Read more

ITSS Computer Replacement Recommendations for 2004-2005

Every year, ITSS recommends a minimum standard for desktop computers for administrative or general use. These standards help ensure that your computer has adequate performance and current security settings, and is compatible with common applications... Read more

Computer Passwords Are Passé

Did you know that, under certain circumstances, an 8-character perfectly random Microsoft Windows password consisting only of numbers and letters of the alphabet can be "cracked" in a few minutes using commercially available software? ... Read more

Stanford "Groks"

Libraries and librarians are constantly seeking new and better ways to help scholars find and use information. This fall, Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR) teamed with Groxis to provide Stanford Grokker for ... Read more

New Technology Services at Meyer Library

Academic Computing has expanded its technology services and rearranged its computers and other equipment on the first and second floors of Meyer Library. The following are highlights of these additions and changes: ... Read more

Computer Training to Meet Your Needs

ITSS Technology Training Services has provided classroom training on software applications and technology information sessions to the Stanford community for over ten years. Here's a quick overview of different types of training they are offering ... Read more

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