April 6, 2005
Issue No. 68

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Important Software Updates for Desktop Security

If you have not already done so, ITSS urges you to make the following software updates as soon as possible to improve your PC or Macintosh computer's security. The Symantec, Eudora, and Spy Sweeper software updates are available on ... Read more

Make Your Windows PC Invulnerable

By taking a few simple steps, and bearing in mind a few words of caution, you can make your Windows desktop or laptop PC almost invulnerable to the kinds of attacks, whether by hackers or viruses, that we most typically see on the Stanford campus. ... Read more

Stanford Web Resources Offer Online Access to Stanford Report and Help for Webmasters

The Office of University Communications, which maintains Stanford's main web site now offers online access to the Stanford Report, as well as resources and a webmasters group for Stanford web designers and webmasters... Read more

Find It @ Stanford: New Linking Service for the Stanford Community

You may have noticed a Find It @ Stanford button next to your citation results while searching databases from the Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources' (SULAIR) web... Read more

New Telecommunications Fee for Students

Next year, the way Residential Computing and ITSS are funded for in-room network connections and local land-based telephones will change, as will the way students obtain those services. In the past, said services were available to on-campus students... Read more

Teaching New Media Production Skills in the Dorms

For many years, most new students took the one-quarter, one unit, pass/no credit CS1c, Introduction to Computing at Stanford course taught by Resident Computer Coordinators (RCCs). Enrollment remained high in the 1990s but began to drop in the 2000s... Read more

New and Improved Stanford Grokker Available

A new version of the Stanford Grokker (Grokker 2.3) is now available for use by members of the Stanford community. Over 2300 members of the Stanford community are already using Grokker... Read more

ITSS Streaming Media Services

In an academic and research environment like Stanford, content providers have found all sorts of uses for streaming media using ITSS Streaming Media services. ITSS is able to stream content for Stanford faculty, staff and students that can... Read more

Google: Better Searching and More...

Google, one of the Web's most-used (and useful) search engines, has a wide range of capabilities...and it's not just for searching. You can get definitions, use a calculator, track airline flight information, ... Read more

Free Assistive Technology You Already Own (It's Built Into Your Operating System)

This column often describes standalone assistive technology software such as speech recognition and text-to-speech applications. But deep within the recesses of your Windows or Macintosh operating systems are little used and under-appreciated control panels... Read more

Student Computing Survey Results for 2004-05

This year, 3048 students or approximately 46 percent of all undergraduates responded to the 2004-2005 Residence Evaluation, which includes several sections relating to student use of technology at Stanford. The survey was conducted by Residential Education... Read more

Are Your Web Pages Adequately WebAuth-Protected?

In Winter Quarter, ITSS made a change to SUNet ID sponsorship policy that makes it easy for regular Stanford faculty or staff to sponsor a base SUNet ID for anyone with a legitimate business need for network identification credentials or basic SUNet services... Read more

StanfordYou Changes Make It Easier to Use

It's a whole new You! StanfordYou, that is. Well, maybe it's not entirely new - you'll use StanfordYou for the same reasons as before, such as to change your SUNet ID password, or to update your information for Stanford.Who and the Stanford Directory... Read more

On-Campus Computer Training Labs Available for Rent

You may already know that ITSS maintains five computer training labs and one lecture hall for the many computing courses and workshops it offers, but did you know that these facilities are also available for members of the Stanford community to rent... Read more