October 5, 2005
Issue No. 69

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Technology Training: Have It Your Way

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by Leni Silberman

ITSS Technology Training Services offers hands-on classes, lectures, drop-in sessions, one-on-one training, online courses, special classes on request, and computer lab rentals - all to meet the various training needs and levels of Stanford staff and faculty.

From computer neophytes to technical support personnel, we all need occasional training to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Unfortunately, our regular workload grows and grows, and time for this training gets harder and harder to find.

Some people can and like to take hands-on training, others absorb information best via lectures. Some people want individual instruction, at their own desk, when their schedule permits; others find online, self-paced instruction very convenient to take - at work or at home. Some groups need special classes just to address their needs, or need to rent a facility in which to hold their own training sessions.

Technology Training Services can meet all those demands. When you plan your mix of training for the year, check out the web sites below.

Lectures and Hands-on Classes

For more information about our on-campus, scheduled lectures and hands-on classes, go to:

(STAP and department funds may be used to cover any fees.)

Free, Drop-in Sessions

The free, drop-in, lecture sessions are:

The web sites list upcoming topics and you can subscribe to their mailing lists to get email announcements about future topics.

Customized, One-on-One Training

To request customized, one-on-one training, go to:

(STAP and department funds may be used to cover the fee.)

Self-Paced Online Courses

Online resources include over 1,000 self-paced IT courses and thousands of IT books to answer your training needs around the clock.

Take a sample course before signing up (STAP and department funds may be used to cover the fee.)

Specialized Instruction

To inquire about setting up a special class for a group, call 723-4291.

Classroom Rentals

If you need to rent a computer lab (PC and Mac) or the Turing lecture hall, go to:

More Information

For general information, go to:

You can also call 723-4391.