October 5, 2005
Issue No. 69

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Find It @ Stanford and Google Scholar Search Result Integration

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By Paul Zarins

Collaboration between SULAIR and Google has produced improved integration between Google Scholar and Stanford's "Find it @ Stanford" link resolver. Most notably, Google Scholar search results show, when appropriate, a "Find it @ Stanford" link leading to a Stanford menu of options for full-text and other services for the desired resource. See also Use Google to Search Project MUSE in this issue.

Screenshot of example of Google search for Arabidopsis with Find It at Stanford results

Google Scholar offers the ability "to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research." Recently, Google began offering the option for "on-campus users ... [to] see additional links in Google Scholar search results which facilitate access to their library's resources. These links lead to the library's servers which, in turn, direct them to the full-text of the article."

If you are connected from a Stanford IP address, this added functionality is activated automatically. Google Scholar also offers a Preferences page on which a researcher can set or change the institutions covered. If you search for "institution = Stanford" in the Preferences, you will find two choices available: Stanford University (Find it @ Stanford) and Stanford University Medical Center (Find it @ Stanford Med). While the underlying SFX link resolver software is the same, the separate installations at SULAIR and Lane Medical Library present different linking and service options.

In many cases, the availability of full-text is provided through paid Stanford subscriptions. Thus, non-Stanford persons using Google Scholar, even with a Stanford setting, will not be able to reach such resources.

Try these searches via Google Scholar for a first look at the service: