October 5, 2005
Issue No. 69

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New and Expanded Online Research Resources

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by Karen Clay

Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR) has new and expanded online products, mostly for science and engineering, including electronic journals, databases, books, and reference works. See also New Digital Resources in the Humanities in this issue.

Expanded Coverage of e-Journals

Many journal publishers have been digitizing their earlier volumes and are now offering expanded coverage. SULAIR has recently added back volumes to a number of their electronic journals, listed below. Access to these and other electronic journals is from SULAIR's e-journals page at:

AIAA Journals: 6 AIAA journals are now available online right back to the first issue. Major titles include the AIAA Journal, Journal of Aircraft, and Journal of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.

Wiley Journals: SULAIR has purchased back volumes for several sets of Wiley journals, including 11 chemistry titles, 14 materials science titles, and 8 titles in numerical engineering. Some of the prominent titles in these collections are the International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (back to 1969), Materials and Corrosion/Werkstoffe und Korrosion (back to 1950) and Helvetica Chimica Acta (back to 1918).

Royal Society of Chemistry Journals: This set includes 24 journals including top titles such as Chemical Communications, The Analyst (back to 1876!) and Dalton Transactions.

Elsevier Journals: SULAIR has added long awaited online coverage for early volumes of Elsevier journals in the following subject areas:

World Scientific Journals: 17 journals covering a wide variety of science and engineering subjects are offering early volumes, including International Journals of Modern Physics, Modern Physics Letters, and Journal of Biological Systems.

Geoscience World: The full text of many geology journals is available through this resource. See Geoscience World: A New Electronic Resource in this issue for more details.

Expanded Scope of Databases

Some of SULAIR's databases have also expanded their scope. Access to these and other databases is from the complete databases list at:

ISI Web of Science now has unlimited access. (Previously, there were a limited number of simultaneous users allowed, and as a result users were occasionally unable to log on.) The Web of Science includes the Science Citation Index Expanded (covering 1900 - present), the Social Sciences Citation Index (covering 1956 to present), and the Arts and Humanities Citation Index (covering 1975 to present).

Engineering Index (also known as EI /Compendex) has expanded its coverage back to volume 1. A full 80 years of engineering literature, from 1884 to 1968, have been added to the existing Engineering Index product.

New Electronic Publications

Wiley Electronic Books: A selection of 155 electronic books published by Wiley has been added to the library collection. These books are all either recently published in print (since 2001) or are classics in their field. Subjects covered range across the sciences, and include astronomy, chemistry, statistics, materials science, and electrical engineering. The book citations and URLs for access will be added to the online catalog, Socrates, but in the meantime they can be searched and accessed through the Wiley Interscience web site.

Wiley Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics: SULAIR has added the online Wiley Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics that was published in 2005 and equivalent to over 2,300 print pages. This encyclopedia covers the fundamentals of computational methods in applied mechanics and their applications. The applications are numerous ranging through aerospace and civil engineering structures, geotechnics, flow problems, automotive engineering, geo-environmental modeling, biomechanics, electromagnetism, metal forming and other fields. This and other online encyclopedias can be accessed through SULAIR's encyclopedias page at: