April 12, 2006
Issue No. 71

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Reference Materials Are Available Online

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by ShinJoung Yeo

When you think about reference books you might picture rows of print materials located in Green Library's Information Center, Social Science Resource Center, or Humanities and Area Studies Resource Center. However, many of our reference materials -- traditionally only in print -- are now available online. Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR) has been selectively adding online reference resources to our collection, as well as providing a tool for discovering the wealth of the reference world.

Humanities and Social Sciences Retrospective

Recently, SULAIR added the Humanities and Social Sciences Retrospective (1907-1984) to our online collections. This online index includes the Humanities Index and Social Sciences Index (1974-1984), as well as their predecessors, the Social Sciences & Humanities Index and International Index (1907-1974). The database indexes core journals in the humanities and social sciences, articles from major periodicals, and book reviews and journals from the United States, Canada and Europe (primarily from Western Europe). In addition, it covers many important scientific journals up to the 1950s.

One of advantages of using this online index is that it offers the ability to link from citations to SULAIR's online journal subscriptions. If you are looking for historical works, please check out this database.

Europa World: Online version of the Europa World Year Book

Since 1926, Europa World has been one of the essential works in any reference collection. It provides political, economic, geographical, and statistical information, and a directory of governments and politics, media, and business and commerce for over 250 countries and territories. This online version of Europa World provides the same robust content as the annual print edition, but in a more dynamic way. Users will be able to do full text searches, and download multinational comparative statistics in a spreadsheet. In addition, users will see recent events on the main page. Major governmental changes and election results are added as soon as the information is verified by the editors. SULAIR has had access to this online resource for a few years but it's well worth the reminder to include this resource in any list of valuable reference resources.

Reference Universe

Despite the increase of online reference collections, there are still many valuable print reference resources that can be utilized if only they are discovered. Now there's a way to discover these resources. Reference Universe is a finding tool for reference materials. The database allows patrons to search article titles and back-of-the-book indexes in over 6,000 subject encyclopedias and other reference works, such as almanacs, bibliographies, dictionaries and other resources. Using the keyword search, users can locate relevant articles and limit to materials owned by SULAIR.

Not all reference materials owned by SULAIR are included in Reference Universe, but this database, which is devoted to discovering reference materials, is worthwhile to promote.

How to Access These Resources

You can access these databases via SULAIR's database A-Z list at: