October 2, 2007
Issue No. 75

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Modem Pool Service To Be Discontinued

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by Ammy Hill

With a declining user base over the past several years, IT Services will be discontinuing its modem pool service in September 2008. The modem pool equipment is aging and would require a significant investment to replace. In addition to the cost, the technology is aging and network access is now relatively inexpensive and easily accessible. When the modem pool investment was originally made, this wasn't the case. From a service perspective, we'd rather retire the service before it fails and have current users able to plan around alternatives than have it fail and leave them with a gap.

Other Options

To aid the remaining modem pool users in their transition to other options, IT Services has assembled a list of options available. This includes dial-up modem services from $9.99 a month, DSL from $14.99 a month, and some options that can be charged directly to a Stanford account number (PTAEO).

iPass Service

One exciting new option for Stanford faculty and staff is iPass service. For $9.99 a month, iPass users can connect remotely from thousands of wireless hotspots. While these services frequently charge $8-15 for one-day use, you can skip the extra charge when you're an iPass subscriber. iPass also includes access to the iPass dial-up modem service where wireless networks are not available. See also iPass - Connecting to the 'Net Away from Stanford in this issue.

If this new service interests you, go to for more information or place an order through your Department IT Contact.