October 2, 2007
Issue No. 75

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Stanford Technology Commons - A Community Knowledge Base for New Technologies

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by Claudia Engel

For years the Academic Technology Specialist Program (ATSP) has been looking for a common knowledge base to share their experiences in implementing and experimenting with new technologies for Stanford's research and teaching environment, both within the ATSP and within the wider Stanford technology community. One of the greatest challenges has been gaining the critical mass necessary to maintain such an endeavor.

In late July, representatives from various groups on campus came together for a kick-off meeting to discuss how to join forces. In September, the new Stanford Technology Commons Web site was officially launched at:

Screenshot of Stanford Technology Commons home page

What's Its Purpose?

The purpose of this site is twofold:

How Does It Work?

The Stanford Technology Commons Web site functions like a wiki. Any SUNet ID holder can create an account, allowing him or her to post articles, edit other's posts, and comment on postings. Optionally, individuals can subscribe to the site via RSS feeds to be notified of additions or changes to the site.

What Does It Contain?

The content is divided into main categories which cover topics such as Drupal, Video and Multimedia, GIS, Wikis, and Blogs. A free tagging system allows the addition of keywords to all posts. An events module allows contributors to post local events that are of interest to this community.

Who Creates the Content?

The Stanford Technology Commons content is created by the Stanford University community with significant support from the Academic Technology Specialist Program, SU Webmasters, the Stanford Video and Multimedia Group, the SULAIR Information Center, and IT Services.