January 23, 2008
Issue No. 76

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Parker Library on the Web

The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources has collaborated with Corpus Christi College (Cambridge) and the Cambridge University Library to... Read more

Stanford Home Page, Admissions Web Site Get a Fresh Face

The Office of University Communications has recently embarked on a project to redesign the Stanford University home page. The new site will be unveiled in June 2008 and will be the first substantial revision... Read more

Still Getting Too Much Spam? Turn Up the Heat!

Did you know that you can raise or lower the amount of spam (unsolicited email) sent to your email inbox? IT Services' Spam Deletion and Filtering Tool lets you control the level of automatic filtering and deletion by Stanford's spam filters... Read more

Assistive Technology Software Now on All Student Computing PCs and Macs

Screen magnification, speech recognition, text-to-speech screen readers, graphic outliners - these are mainstay programs for computer users with sensory, physical, and learning disabilities. Since 1998, Stanford's Office of Accessible Education... Read more

The End is Near: Upgrade to Stanford Desktop Tools

Are you still using PC-Leland or MacLeland? If so, you're overdue for an upgrade! Stanford Desktop Tools is the new way to manage software subscriptions and authentication to Stanford systems... Read more

The Academic Technology Specialist Program: Digital Art and Diskurs '07

The Academic Technology Specialist Program continues to collaborate with faculty and students across the disciplines in innovative efforts to advance the implementation of technology in teaching... Read more

Information Center Blog Is a Wonder

If you like information...from useful to fascinating to esoteric...then take a look at the SULAIR's Information Center (IC) blog. This blog, an integral part of the Information Center's online service... Read more

Engineering Library Licenses New Online Resources

What's new at the Engineering Library? More online full-text resources have been licensed for use both to replace standard research tools and to expand research access for our users... Read more

New Humanities Databases Focus on the Nineteenth Century

The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR) has recently acquired online access to C 19: The Nineteenth Century Index and to British Periodicals... Read more

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