September 30, 2008
Issue No. 78

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Social Science Data and Software (SSDS): Support for Your Research

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by Judy Marsh

Social Science Data and Software (SSDS) is a group within the Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC), which is located on the first floor of the Green Library Bing Wing. SSDS provides services and support to Stanford faculty, staff and students in finding and getting social science data, and in the selection and use of quantitative (statistical) and qualitative software.

Contact the SSDS data specialists and software consultants with your questions or to arrange an appointment via the SSDS Web site at:

SSDS Staff Can Help

SSDS data specialists support users in navigating the array of data resources available at Stanford for course work and research. In addition, they provide assistance in correctly downloading data for further analysis. Software consultants are Stanford doctoral students who provide assistance and information for researchers who are at various stages of their projects. Some common topics include resources for learning and teaching popular statistical and qualitative software packages, survey design and tips for data entry, solutions to common problems, data management, data reshaping, data conversion and formatting between statistical packages.

Resources and Services

Need to Access Quantitative and Qualitative Software?

Green Library Computer Clusters

Jonsson Reading Room

Social Sciences Resource Center

Lane Reading Room

Information Center

Other Campus Computer Clusters

Meyer Library


Student Residences

For help with using SPSS, Stata, SAS, NVivo and Stat/Transfer, contact the SSDS software consultants at: