January 20, 2009
Issue No. 79

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Try Winter Technology Training Classes

This winter, IT Services Technology Training is offering a variety of classes on topics ranging from software applications, to operating systems, to the Web, and Internet subjects... Read more

Web Self-Help Resources

Last fall, IT Services and the Office of Public Affairs updated and expanded the Stanford Web Guide and merged those design resources and style guidelines with a similarly updated and expanded University Web Services site... Read more

Personal Quota in AFS Storage Space Increased

AFS is a global shared-file system used at Stanford as the central store for user home directories and for all the Web sites hosted at Recently, IT Services increased the AFS allocation per user from 200 MB to 1 GB... Read more

Sophos Anti-Virus Update and Reminder

Last summer, Stanford licensed software provided by Sophos to serve as the campus site-licensed anti-virus, anti-spyware (collectively known as anti-malware) software solution... Read more

Essential Stanford Software News

For readers new to Stanford, Essential Stanford Software (ESS) is a collection of applications -- some free, others licensed by the University -- that help faculty, staff and students accomplish day-to-day tasks and keep their computers secure. For recent changes to the collection... Read more

Workstation Encryption Solution for Desktops and Laptops

IT Services (ITS) is focusing on an enterprise Whole Disk Encryption solution for both Windows and Macintosh systems. Whole Disk Encryption software is intended for people who store Restricted and/or Confidential Data on their desktop or laptop computer... Read more

ITS Offers New Low Cost Central Storage

Need storage? IT Services has recently expanded our online storage offerings to include a low cost central storage service for $.35 per gigabyte (GB)... Read more

Linux and Windows Hosting from IT Services

Did you know that you can host your Linux and Windows servers with IT Services?... Read more

Stanford Bookstore Computer Department: Good Deals for Winter and Frequently Asked Questions

What good deals is the Stanford Bookstore's Computer Department offering this winter?... Read more