January 20, 2009
Issue No. 79

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Sign Up for Email Notification for Speaking of Computers

This quarter, we sent the last printed postcard announcing the latest issue of Speaking of Computers. These printed postcards were distributed campus-wide; however, the printing and distribution of them have been eliminated as part of the budget reduction process... Read more

New Stanford Email and Calendar Available to All on Campus

The new Stanford Email and Calendar is now available to everyone on campus. Migrations from the old email servers to the new Zimbra servers finished before Thanksgiving... Read more

Better Cell Phone Rates through IT Services

There's some good news from IT Services about cell phones... Read more

New CourseWork Tools: Chat, Forums, Mailtools, Signup, and Wiki

CourseWork, Stanford's course management system, is based on Sakai, a community source software project. A major benefit to being a part of Sakai is the ability to take advantage of new tools that member institutions contribute to the project... Read more

SearchWorks Prototype Updated with New Features

SearchWorks is the Stanford Libraries' prototype for a new information discovery environment, a place to offer new forms of finding and accessing all Stanford Libraries' holdings and licensed content... Read more

Update on Stanford's Work Anywhere Program

Stanford's Work Anywhere Program has continued to make progress in providing useful tools to enable the campus community to more easily conduct their daily activities from multiple locations, while traveling, or from home or other off-campus locations... Read more

Stanford Libraries' Blogs Offer Useful and Fascinating Items

For your research or just for pleasure, Stanford Libraries' blogs offer up-to-the-minute posts in a variety of areas... Read more

Stanford's Copyright Reminder 2008 Distributed

Recently, Stanford distributed a Copyright Reminder that is intended to remind the University community of the applicability of copyright law at an academic institution like Stanford... Read more

Try Winter Technology Training Classes

This winter, IT Services Technology Training is offering a variety of classes on topics ranging from software applications, to operating systems, to the Web, and Internet subjects... Read more

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