April 13, 2009
Issue No. 80

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Historical American Maps Collection Donated to Stanford

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by Chris Bourg

Photo of some of the map books donated by David Rumsey
Some of the map books donated
by David Rumsey.

Map collector David Rumsey has agreed to donate some 150,000 maps of the Americas, most of which were drawn between 1700 and 1925, to the Stanford University Libraries. The collection includes physical maps as well as digital images. The physical maps will be housed in the University Libraries' Special Collections and the digital files will be preserved in Stanford's digital preservation archive.

Digital images from Rumsey's collection can be viewed at the David Rumsey Map Collection. The collection includes such gems as a map showing the first depiction of the Rocky Mountains found folded into a first edition of Lewis and Clark's 1814 travel book chronicling their trek across the American West and an 1839 atlas showing Texas as an independent republic. Many of the maps from the Rumsey collection are already cataloged, and can be found by searching for David Rumsey maps in the Stanford Libraries' Web environment.

Video of Maps of Americas Past (Video of original maps from the famed Lewis and Clark expedition, which are part of the donation to Stanford by collector David Rumsey. Rumsey has digitized more than 18,000 maps online, and hopes to ultimately have 50,000 for public Web access.)

For more information about this amazing collection see the Stanford Report article, Maps of Americas Past or visit the Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections.