September 29, 2009
Issue No. 81

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Inorganic Crystal Structure Database: New Version on the Web

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by Grace Baysinger

The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD), the most comprehensive database on fully determined inorganic crystal structures, is now available as an enhanced Web-based application, providing easy access from anywhere around the world.

After two years of development by FIZ Karlsruhe, the new Web version was designed to meet both the increased requirements of the ISCD user community (user friendly interface, easy to navigate, up-to date retrieval interface and visualization, flexible export of data) and the requirements of modern software development.

At present, the ICSD contains:

New Features of ICSD Web include:

Screenshot of ICD Web interface, with each if its six parts numbered to help text explanation in this article

The ICSD Web interface is divided into six parts:

  1. The header shows a welcome message. The "Logout" button allows you to leave the current session. After database searches have been performed, a "Print" button will appear.
  2. The Navigation allows you to jump back to the "Basic Search" form, to access specialized pages for performing advanced searches, and to manage your queries.
  3. The main interface is the central working place for the ICSD. Here you can enter and refine searches.
  4. The search action field allows you to run, save and clear your current query.
  5. In the search summary field preliminary numbers of results are shown.
  6. The Query History field contains your last 30 performed searches and allows you to access them quickly and conveniently.

Many options are available for display and analysis of results. For more details, screen shots, examples and a detailed description, please check here and here.